Caught One More Time book


Van Morrison Live on Cyprus Avenue was undoubtedly a unique event. Not only did the artist appear in concert on the avenue which inspired some of his greatest songs, but he did so his 70th birthday- fantastic!

Were you there? If so you will want to remember and treasure the experience with this special commemorative book.

The book is a quality publication of 60 full colour pages containing words by Anthony Toner, Ivan Little and Ralph McClean and stunning photographs of the event by Bradley Quinn, Jill Furmanovsky, Michael Taylor, Ken Haddock and Carrie Davenport- all chosen specifically for this project.

Chapters of the book include:

The Road to Cyprus Avenue- Anthony Toner
Days Like This- Ivan Little
A Working Man In My Prime- Ralph McClean
Down the Mystic Avenue- Anthony Toner
Comes Walking Down My Street- Anthony Toner
We Were...Caught One More Time

(Please note: names can no longer be included in the 'We Were...Caught One More Time' section of the book)